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Medical Weight Loss Clinic in St Petersburg FL

AFC Urgent Care Located at 2241 66th St N St Petersburg, FL 33710 is a Walk-in Clinic Open 8am-8pm Monday to Friday and 8am-5pm Saturday and Sunday. Our Doctors and Medical Professionals Provide Medical Weight Loss Services to Help You with Your Goals.

Weight Loss at Urgent Care and Walk-In Clinic in Tyrone-St. Petersburg, FL

Is it your goal to lose extra weight, but you just need some guidance on where to start and how to get going? You don’t have to look any further, because AFC Urgent Care St. Petersburg can offer that guidance. We’ll help you establish your health needs, lifestyle needs, and weight-loss goal, and put it all into a comprehensive weight-loss program for you, then we’ll get you started and guide you along the way. Read on to learn more about what we can do for you at our medical weight-loss clinic in St Petersburg FL.

What does a weight-loss clinic do?

At a weight-loss clinic like AFC Urgent Care, medical weight-loss professionals can provide a kind of weight loss strategy that is proven to be very effective. In fact, it’s more effective than practically every other strategy for weight loss. This strategy is called medically supervised weight loss, and yes, it works!

Does a medical weight-loss clinic really work?

The strategy works so well because we consider the many different methods for weight loss, such as dieting, reducing calories, and exercise, but it also accounts for a patient’s particular needs, such as a chronic condition like arthritis, or heart diseases. Also, the plan works because the weight loss is supervised by a medical professional, which makes it safer and more effective for the patient.

What is the best way to lose weight?

A medical weight-loss professional will consider all of the above factors when putting together a customized, physician-monitored weight-loss plan for the patient. This plan will often incorporate weight-loss supplements too. For example, at AFC Urgent Care, we can provide appetite suppressants, natural weight-loss medications, and supplements for increased fat burning.

Our weight loss program includes:

  • Diet Guidelines
  • Life Style Fitness Information
  • Caloric Food Intake Programs
  • Information on Burning Fat Shots
  • Appetite Suppressant

It’s important to speak with a professional like one of ours before you start taking a supplement for weight loss. Make a consultation with us today to learn more about weight-loss supplementation and what will work for you, specifically.

How much does it cost for a medi-weight-loss program? Are weight-loss clinics covered by insurance?

The cost of a medical weight-loss program can vary depending on how much guidance is offered in the program, how much weight should be lost, and the provider of the program. Generally, the average cost is around $300 a month for a program in the US, with all of the ongoing support and supervision. If you decide to get premade meals and/or supplements for your program, then these will cost extra. Please contact us for exact pricing and details.

Many health insurers will cover the costs of some of the services in a program, such as certain medications. If you’d like to learn more about our pricing and the insurers we work with here at AFC Urgent Care, then get in touch with us today. We’ll tell you more about our program, what you can expect to pay, and whether your insurance will cover certain costs.

Do you have a medical weight-loss clinic in St Petersburg FL?

We do! AFC Urgent Care provide medical weight loss, and we’re located at 2241 66th St N St. Petersburg, FL 33710. We’re available to you 7 days a week, Monday to Friday from 8 am to 8 pm, and Saturday and Sunday from 8 am to 5 pm. This kind of availability means we’ll be able to be here for you throughout your weight-loss program, and you’ll be able to rely on us whenever you need us. Call us today at (727) 273-1700 to learn more and get started on your program.

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